Moving Day


Moving Day is my first work in the novella or up class. Back in the days of 160–180 page novels, it might be a slightly short novel. Can be read for itself, or in conjunction with my annotations. Influenced by James H. Schmitz' Telzey Amberdon stories and the wider Hub setting.

It's scanned from the original typed manuscript and only the most minor editing has been done — spell checking in the main, and a few changes based on linguistic drift since the late 1970's (though I have preserved the usage girl to mean young woman — but given the emortal society, young is a relative term).

There is no strong language, what violence there is, is quite sanitized, and there are tactful horizontal lines (like the good old line of asterisks) instead of "explicit" sections, but there are some implications and public displays of affection that some people might feel uncomfortable with. Check the Prologue and the second annotation to Chapter 1. There is some graphic vomiting. I'd reckon this would probably get a 12 certificate were it a film.

Chapter Index


  1. Raid
  2. Impasse
  3. Homecoming
  4. Flight
  5. Acceptance
  6. Life~Trip
  7. Capture
  8. Dreams
  9. Resolution
  10. Exile



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