Mandala Creation Dream


It starts with a single note, and a mote of light. Warm, golden-red light, like sunlight filtered through autumn leaves. The note continues, dancing up and down the scale, and the mote gradually becomes a slender stream. Then it is joined by a second note and another mote of light, this one white, as cool and brilliant as sunshine on snow. The second note plays its own tune and the white light too forms a slender stream.

Another note joins the first tune in simple harmony and a green light appears, a warm green with hints of brown, like the depths of a forest pool. It swiftly forms its own stream, flowing ever closer to the red as their song grows more complex. Then the two streams touch, braiding together into a single rope of red and green light. Their song has the soothing warmth of a lullaby.

Now it is the turn of the white light to gain a complement to swell its song. This one is blue, as deep and clear as the depths of a lake on a sunny day. It and the white light sing notes of welcome as they hasten to entwine. When the blue and white streams meet, the resulting tune has the intricacy and precision of a chess game. They flow toward each other; red and green, blue and white, each singing gently. When they touch, there is for a moment another red, the brightness of fresh blood. Then the two songs join in a single strong chord. Those familiar with the musical tongue of Melodia may recognise the joyful cry "We are joined!" as the true dance begins.

Two skeins of music, two ropes of light, that dance together in the darkness, now touching, now apart, yet always together and moving towards the same end. A long dance, twisting, complex, yet always with its own internal logic and sense of harmony. Sometimes the cooler tones dominate and then the music has a more martial tone. At others the red and green skein sings songs of warmth and healing. Then the two combine and sing together of the joys of work well done and life and love shared before each picking up their own theme once again.

So the song goes on, and the ropes weave their ever more complex spiral until at last they join for a final time, twisting together into a thick coil as the song reaches its final harmonious chord and the end returns to its beginning. There it hangs in the darkness. A gently spinning three-dimensional maze of braided, coloured light, with no clear start or finish point. A Mandala, indeed.

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