The Creation of Mandala


The empty Shadow is just that. They are standing in a dark and apparently barren place, though the quality of sound as Mordred gives quiet, swift orders to his forces suggests that this is somewhere subterranean. Forces arranged, Chesceni sets up his barrier. Mordred and Cat clasp hands briefly with each of those present, then move away.

They stand facing each other, a couple of paces apart. Both go sky-clad. Mordred holds Excalibur unsheathed in his right hand. Cat has her oakwood staff in her left hand and the Jewel hangs by its chain from her right hand. Cat begins to sing, making complex gestures with the hand holding the Jewel. As she does so, a rope of red and green light begins to form about her. A few moments later, she passes the Jewel to Mordred, who begins his own song, generating his own rope of light, this one white and blue. Cat and Mordred move closer together, still singing independently, until they stand shoulder to shoulder, hands clasped together over the Jewel. Mordred strikes with Excalibur, blood flows into the sacrificial vessel, and the songs become one with a joyful cry of 'we are joined!' in the Melodian tongue.

The ropes of light, momentarily drowned in blood red. regain their own hues, now inextricably linked together. Cat and Mordred, still singing, move into an intricate dance that is more than half a moving meditation. As they continue, the braids of light follow them, becoming more brilliant and more complex as the creation dance continues, until Cat and Mordred are completely obscured by the three dimensional network of light that they are creating. For those watching and listening it is possible to tell that sometimes one song, sometimes the other takes the lead while at other times the two are totally blended in a single anthem.

Eventually the anthem reaches its final chord and Mordred and Cat reappear, walking out of the maze at the point where they began it, hands still clasped together on the Jewel. Mordred still bears Excalibur and Cat her staff, but now they are garbed in elaborate silken robes, embroidered with the motifs of dragon and phoenix. Behind them, the maze of coloured light hangs in the air. They turn to look at it. Cat is first to break the silence. "Mandala," she says simply.

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