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It has come to my notice that doubts have been expressed in some quarters as to the bona fides of the KBCF. The Foundation was originally conceived as a charity to promote education and the arts. It was always intended that its remit should extend beyond Amber to all the new and related kingdoms, and even to Thelbane.

However, given the widespread displacement and loss suffered by innocent people of all descriptions as a consequence of the Thelbane civil war, there was a clear need for the Foundation to change its policy to address these more immediate issues. The Foundation has therefore been reconstituted as a disaster relief charity. It will continue to function as such as long as the need remains. Its services are available to meet the need for disaster relief for any and all peoples, whatever the cause of the disaster.

The Foundation will not intervene where agreements for access to refugees and the safety of its personnel cannot be guaranteed, nor where a distinction cannot be drawn between military and civilian personnel. Within those limitations, it will go wherever it is needed without fear or favour. As long as the princes and princesses of Amber and Thelbane choose to spread their quarrels indiscriminately across the worlds innocent peoples will continue to suffer. The Foundation exists to mitigate that suffering as far as possible.

I pledge myself to ensure that the Foundation maintains strict neutrality in its activities. I call on all the princes and princesses of Amber and Thelbane to recognise the Foundation as a neutral body and support its work, even if only by allowing access to areas under their control.

Caitlin, Princess Royal of Amber

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