Cat's Resignation from the Parys Cabinet


To Merlin, Prince Regent of Parys

Herewith my resignation from your cabinet. I can no longer continue to tacitly support your rule when you offer so little hope or succour to your people. In the time I have been in Parys you have done nothing to aid in the rebuilding of the realm nor have you made use of the considerable resources you command for anything other than your own selfish purposes. I will not work for someone who shows himself so unworthy of respect.

I came to Parys because you said you needed my help. It seems that the reason you sought it was simply to spare yourself any effort to alleviate the suffering of your people. That they are suffering is undeniable and I do not intend to desert them in their need. I plan to remain in Parys and continue with my work but as the head of a non-governmental organisation, not a government department.

Caitlin of Amber

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