The Many Worlds of Neon Genesis Evangelion


A page to note all the "might have beens" that didn't make it to the screen in the main line of production.

Original Storyline

This from MDWigs...

The Original Plots of Evangelion — From "100% Newtype Collection

We can see the shadows of the episodes we actually saw; and parts that are beyond what even fanfics reach.

Original EoTV

From the Renewal box-set extras, a pre-production image of the scrapped original TV episode 25, showing that the EoE scenario was not an afterthought:

Misato rescues Shinji Other references to events that only make sense if EoE is already unfolding in the physical world are laced throughout the episode 25 we did eventually see:

Live Action Alternate Sequence

There is footage and script out there for a live-action sequence that takes place in some alternate future where Shinji never was, and Asuka, improbably, becomes an office lady, rather than a neurotic scientist like Ritsuko.

Many Endings

I'm not sure if any of this really impacts on my take on the final scene. I don't really have an obvious mechanism for how the foreground details of this scene actually happened that is consistent with what we see in a few moments.

memorial markers on the shore, one broken; half of GNR's head in the distance

It seems that the ending we got was barely conjured out of quantum maybes. One take had Asuka appear and scornfully kick down the memorial marker (shown fallen, above, and marked as “kicked down” in the final story boards). Another had Shinji holding hands with what turned out to be a disembodied arm.

The latter survives almost as an in-joke, when we see just Asuka's forearm — I wonder if the marker is evidence of a similar palimpsest approach to the ending.

And even the final words were conjured up when Miyamura Yuuko ad libbed instead of saying something to the effect of “No, I won't let you kill me.” as had been scripted.

This source claims that

The show ended by Asuka's line: “Kimochiwarui” [disgusting]. Miyamura Yuko testified that the last line in the original script was “I hate to be killed by a bastard like you”, but she and Anno-san had a discussion about the line and he took what she told him.

though the original Japanese was possibly more accurately rendered by “someone like you” used in derogatory mode.

There is more relevant data here : Asuka's final line in the Evangelion movie was Miyamura's idea.

I had been thinking directors should convey their ideal how the show shold be to us. But Annno pitchs us questions such as “What do you think for yourself if things went on such and such ways to you?”
After recording all lines of the movie, I was called to the studio because the final line needed to be revised. Ogata came there too as it was Asuka and Shinji's scene.
Asuka's final line was “Anta nankani korosareru nowa mappira yo!” in the film scenario. Annno didn't live with my line no matter how many times I tried. Ogata and I were at a loss how we should play what Annno wanted to express; she even tried to ride on me and choke me to meet his demand. He must have been pursuing reality.
Concerning the final line we adopted, I'm not sure whether I should say about it in fact. At last Anno asked me “Miyamura, just imagine you are sleeping in your bed and a stranger sneaks into your room. He can rape you anytime as you are asleep but he doesn't. Instead, he masturbates looking at you, when you wake up and know what he did to you. What do you think you would say?”
I had been thinking he was a strange man, but at that moment I felt disgusting. So I told him that I thought “Disgusting”. And then he sighed and said “… thought as much.” He said. “I thought as much.”