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Burmese are the individualists of the Mrr and therefore hardest to categorise. They do have some common features, however, which can broadly be described as follows:


Burmese *know* that they are superior in looks, intelligence, breeding and anything else you care to mention. For this reason they rarely bother to maintain their dignity. They behave like kittens or alley cats as the mood takes them, a trait which often leads others, especially other Mrr, to brand them as clowns and underestimate them accordingly. They are not above posing as ordinary dumb cats, especially when pursuing something which has piqued their curiosity (see below).


Burmese are contemplative, preferring meditation to action. They also tend to be lazy. They are often wanderers, walking by themselves. When they do choose to become involved in human affairs, it is usually as companion or advisor to a single person. Power for its own sake tends not to interest them. Where they do involve themselves, they are loyal companions, prepared to take risks for their friends.


This, if anything, is the Burmese overriding trait. All Burmese are intensely curious. Piquing their curiosity is the best way to persaude them to do anything and they may involve themselves in complex machinations "just to see what will happen". Of course, they will not let others know that this is what motivates them because that would spoil the experiment.

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