Clan Siamese Mrrr


Siamese view themselves as natural aristocrats. For this reason they tend to gravitate to power and therefore to be found as courtiers or high ranking officials. In these roles they display the following characteristics.


This trait is displayed equally to their subordinates and those they nominally work for. It manifests largely as an insistence on knowing exactly what is going on at all times and a pathological refusal to delegate authority. While refusing to delegate, they also tend to assume authority beyond their nominal position, often by highly devious means. Unless closely supervised and curbed a Siamese Mrr will rapidly take sole control of any enterprise in which he is involved. Unsurprisingly, this means they are not popular as bosses or colleagues, though lazy or disinterested family members find them very useful. It has to be said, though, that they are very effective ministers, which often leads those employing them to overlook this fault.


Siamese Mrr are very keen on appearances and therefore always on their dignity. A Siamese Mrr who thinks he has not been accorded the respect he is due is adangerous creature indeed. Dare to laugh at a Siamese Mrr and you will make an enemy for life. This can be problematic as their insistence on standing on ceremony often makes them appear faintly ridiculous.


Siamese Mrr think they are entitled to the best of everything and are determined to make sure that they get it, and the more of it the better. In terms of food this usually means quality rather than quantity - they leave gorging to the Tabbies - but they have a particular passion for titles, money and anything rare and precious. The best way to get a Siamese Mrr on your side is to bring him a valuable present and lay on the flattery with a trowel. This needs to be finely judged, though, as Siamese Mrr are far from stupid.

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