Clan Tabby Mrrr


By order of their creator, Brand, the Tabby Clan is the Royal House of the Mrrr.Most notably, they hold the highest offices in the kingdoms of Brandenburg and Rolandae which Brand and his descendants rule. As a royal house they have the following characteristics.


They are very much aware of their royal status and very pleased with themselves because of it. This smugness leads them to adopt a rather high-handed approach. They have, for different reasons, a similar tendency to Siamese to take over any enterprise in which they are involved. For a Tabby, it is simply because nobody else could possibly do it, any of it, better. Often they are correct, but sometimes this attitude can backfire.


Tabby Mrrr disdain to serve anyone who is not descended directly from Brand and preferably also Swayville, leaving remoter family to be served by other Mrrr clans. They take a slightly pitying attitude to those, both Mrrr and Amberite,who do not have the advantage of what they consider truly royal birth. They are not always popular with those on the receiving end of this attitude. Their snobbery also tends to reinforce the tendency to regard much of the family, and all Shadows, as dispensable so that they encourage Brandite destructiveness.


The Tabby are the gluttons of the Mrrr. They have an insatiable passion for food of all kinds and will eat themselves virtually insensible given the chance. The best way to distract a Tabby Mrrr from something is to feed it. Not all Tabbies are overweight, though, as some of them get a lot of exercise hunting and then supervising the preparation of their catch.

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