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There is occasional use of strong language, to the extent that as film script these writings might not quite get a 12A certification on those grounds. But then The End of Evangelion is 15-rated, after all. There are occasional implicit fan-service scenes geared to reference those in the original series (which was no more than 12-rated, with the notorious “Rei emerging from the shower” scene on a PG-rated disk).

WOLF — Fa cemkulbon hayfey dunyazekul : Make the best of all possible worlds


Nancy Wolf (author created character dating from c.1975 — see here and here) cross-over — can high-tech overkill save Asuka from her fate?


This is a Nancy Wolf story first and foremost, that happens also to interact with the NGE setting, a straightforward collision of two “countdown to Singularity” threads, so I play a bit with some high power stuff. A happier end than End of, or a worse? You judge.




A “What sort of logo would Nancy use dealing with folk in this parallel?” sort of design.`

Neon Angelic Genesis

Evangelion Layer

A side-story view on the same tale, only from Misaki's point of view, since she does rather get pushed into the background in the Asuka-centred narrative.


  1. My Very First Angel! — starts during Episode 11.

  2. Misaki's Nervous Afternoon — 11b.

  3. The Day An Angel Flew Down — 12.

  4. Then rejoin the main narrative

  5. Human Intervention — 18–19.

  6. Rejoin the main narrative once again

  7. The Case of Suzuhara Misaki — 25–26. (Complete — at last! 9-Apr-07)

Can the power of positive thinking — and an alternate, slightly older, version of almost the very best Angelic Layer deus in Japan turn the trick? Added elements are drawn broadly from the ladies of Clamp, as mutated to fit the post Second Impact world. There are some mild spoilers for both Angelic Layer and Chobits.

Events are told primarily from Asuka's viewpoint, as they move gradually away from the main world-line. Each text is keyed to original episode numbers, and operates under the assumption that where the text doesn't contradict or modify an original scene, that those events will play out pretty much unchanged, without being retold here. And by original, I mean original, not even the Director's Cut enhanced version, which I'd not yet seen when I wrote the main tale; though episodes 25 and 26 are taken from The End of Evangelion.

Note that Asuka — and the other characters used for viewpoint from time to time — are not perfect objective observers. Asuka in particular is able to misinterpret events, at times perhaps for lack of data, and in any case is quite capable of outright lying to herself, especially when remembering events.

There is occasional use of the vernacular, including a couple of incidents of strong language, to the extent that as film script these writings might not quite get a UK 12A certification on those grounds. But then The End of Evangelion is 15-rated in the UK, and I expect the readers to have seen that. The sex and violence levels are no different to those of the source material.

And as the previous paragraph might have hinted, I'm English, so, as well as “-our” type spellings, there may be a few idioms from the native dialect that are not universal. Hopefully, context should provide the meaning in any such cases.


  1. And then there were Four/A Comedy of Errors — starts after Episode 11.

  2. Heaven's Hammer/Four voices — 12–14.

  3. The truth is spoken/Morning after — 15.

  4. Priority Ordering/In the Ocean of Being — 16.

  5. Small Betrayals/Identity Crisis — 17.

  6. Hard Choices/They take a little longer — 18.

  7. Beyond Endurance/Stolen Fire — 19–20.

  8. The Shattered Tower/The End of Innocence — 21–22.

  9. Greater Love/The Wonders of the Hidden World — 23.

  10. The Last Temptation/Bloody Murder — 24.

  11. The Day of Wrath/All Strings Awry — 25.

  12. Lux Æterna/Wish you were here — 26.

  13. Dramatis Personæ — the incoming characters (some spoilers).

  14. Commentary — the music, the assumptions, and other author's notes.


Misaki/Shinji; Asuka/Kaworu; Asuka/Maya(?); Hikari/Touji.


As to Asuka herself — I've read hints about her being the culmination of a eugenic program (even though there seems some ambiguity about what fraction Japanese to German), which I worked in indirectly in terms of mentioning a meticulous genealogy. I didn't have scope to work in references to having an unusual number of her ancestors born on 01–Jan–1900, just like Elijah Snow, Axel Brass and Jenny Sparks, or the likelihood of such programs in Germany peaking in the 1930–45 time-frame, nor even a hint that this might be an alternate version of that line of red-heads that culminates in the Kinnison sisters. The gratuitous von Bek reference started off as providing a flip response to one of Kaworu's original lines, and stays to increase the subjectivity/ambiguity level in the final episodes.

Telling the tales

I've tried not to contradict the material that I know of that was not actually part of the episodes as first transmitted (and may only exist as explanatory text), but in places run up tight against the margins of what I've not seen specified.

Other Eva fics — out into left field

Lyrical Magical Evangelion

Nanoha meets Evangelion. Because I can.

  1. Mysterious Encounters
  2. The City Endangered

Forever stalled, I fear.

Back in the Plug Agane

This is a little confection I knocked together over the Easter weekend '05, bank holiday weather being what it is :)

This is one for the cognoscenti (both of them) and the half dozen other people in the world in space who are familiar with both Eva and the 1950s school story satires of Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle. What happens when n molesworth, the curse of st custards sees his first anime, and it's NGE?

This “what if?” is brought to you courtesy of the molesworth-peason daydreme fabbrikator (pat pending)